Esham - Acid

The witch jumped on my back
So now it's time for me to rhyme in Acid Rap
A mic attack, so my brain starts to swell up
It's time to turn the volume up and raise the hell up
A microphone overdose, too much dope
Some suckaz choke but I hope they all croak
This is The U-N-H-O-L-Y
No need for applause ''cause I'm hella fly
I picked up the mic and get ya strung out
On that Acid Rap, Like a stamp, you all based out
Once you hit it there's no turnin' back
It's that Acid Hip-Hop Rap that's like crack
I'm gonna hit ya with another fix
So I added the new-improved inside the mix
And ya hunger like a dope fiend, off of what I did
I got you all strung out, on acid
Shoot it, smoke it, sniff it, or just listen to it
Some try to copy my chemistry but can't do it
Can't get the formula right so it's fake dope
Suckaz be ass-bangin' soda with benzol
But I'm a real nigga from the streets of Motown
Where Rock and Roll started, now I'm the hardest artist on the planet
Some can't stand it and take it for granted
But I always recoup and they don't understand it
All in my rays of more ways I daze and faze
And never seem to amaze the one who blazed
The A-C-I-D, AC-DC
Pump it out your system it'll blow up your battery
I'm a hard rock, gunnin' down brothers like Billy the Kid
Do what I did, now you're doin' that acid

You're blind, to the fact I blowin' your mind
Got ya all tryin' to learn my line so hit rewind
The U-N-H-O-L-Y will take it back in time
In due time you'll find I flow time after time
I'm down for mine so stop the bitein'
Heard you tried to sound like me when you was recitein'
Thought it was a reverb of my voice but you're wrong son
I'm the people's choice and it's been like that from day one
I flow like a pro, it takes a life time to know
To bite my style you have to go to first
It gets worse as the verse lies, and attract flies
As I metamorphosize from Jekyll to Hyde
And this is for the suicidalist and Jesus Christ
I met Elvis in hell but who will tell the tale
Of everything that I did
Unless you put it on your tongue, and do that acid
Ya get a rush from the rhythm so even the score
This is a three minute high, or even more
You gotta pump it up to 10 again can I get an amen
It don't stop, until I say when
I'll make you're eardrums bleed for days
Acid Rap, Some treat it like coke and catch the wave
Niggaz be scared to listen some dared but didn't prepare so they can't
Some drop dead and faint
This is The Unholy, preachin' like a reverend
Except when I die I'm not goin' to heaven, yo
Because I write the @#%$ ya sniff
And when I bust on riff ''cause most niggaz can't deal with
What I'm sayin', some be prayin'
The Unholy is here to say that's how it's layin', acid