Jedward - What It Feels Like

Summer came and went and now it's gone
The leaves are falling down it's like everyone but me is moving on
But I don't wanna say goodbye to the time that we had
Now it's a photograph and I finally understand
What it feels like when it ends
When she slips through your hands
The second you find out that it's over
And that you'll never get to hold her again
Coz she's gone and you cant fix what's been torn
And you just keep on getting colder inside
Now I know what it feels like
I was always on the outside looking in

Standing on the sideline
Till she found a way under my skin
I thought that it was magical
But it changed with a word
Until you lose the one you want
You'll never know how much it hurts
Now I know what it feels like
When she's with someone else
And you're drowning so fast in regret
And it feels just like you're frozen inside
Now I can say I understand
Refrain x2