Local H - The One With "kid"

nd when there's no one left to lie to
Forced to face the truth about me and you and see it from all sides
All the sides that you have battered and out grewSo baby could you do me a favor
fall off of the earth and I'll see ya later
just give me a call and tell me you miss me a call I wont returnSo now which one is the owner of the friends we made together and how do we divide a city and the bars where we drank forever
So take this for granted you'll leave here empty handed my image of you shattered winning is all that matters I won't let you got our happy homeGive me my Zeppelin CDs you know you took them I know you did
Wheres my pretenders record you know the one the one with Kid
Wheres all my ACDCs my Interpol my Libertines
Wheres all my Kyuss recoreds you never liked them untill you met me