Lowkey - Rise And Fall

Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language:

Back in the days, I had dreams of rapping on stage
Imagined listening to radio where my track would get played
It's tragic, I never fathomed that the magic will fade
Lets take it back to the days when I established my name
I was over-hungry for beats, like the melody was something to eat
(Bars) a hundred a week was nothing to me
As long as I had something deep to crush a sucker MC
I won battles but in a couple I fumbled, suffered defeats
I was grinding hard, way harder than other artists did
At 17, on Choice FM, I went bar for bar with swiss lyrics for 45 minutes
Ready and prepared
No lie, you can ask anybody that was there
Simple and plain, my CD got critical acclaim
I began to build an official position in the game
Quicker than I could think, I was fulfilling all my aims
I miss them days, now it's difficult 'cause shit isn't the same