Method Man - Mr. Sandman

Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language:

This is (Mr. Sandman bring me a good dream)
Serious, the craziest
D-da, (Mr. Sandman bring me a good dream) day-da
Danger, dangerous styleLyrical shots from the glock
Bust bullet holes on the chops, I want the number one spot
With the science, of a giant
New York defiant, brutal like domestic violence
Silence of the Lambs, occurred when I slammed in
Foes grab their chairs, to be mad as Ralph Cramden
Others come with shit, as silly as Art Carney
But my Tetley triplizes, more kids than Barney
Never need for stress there's three bags of sess
A damn I rest, playing chess, yes
My thoughts be sneaky like a crook from Brooklyn
When you ain't lookin', I take the queen, with the rook then
I get vexed, layin' phat trax on Ampex
Morphous God, gettin' drunk, off a Triple X
Violent time, I got more love than valentines
The violent mind, I blast with a silent nine