Rich Boy - Ghetto Rich (remix)

Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language:

Shit, we tryna get it for real
Oh, Rich Boy, you niggas better get focused
Get money, muthafucka, get money, muthafuckaLet me take ya through my hood where I was born and raised
Where niggas tote semi-automatics, bustin' them K's
Heavy guns and dope boys harassed by the police
Still gettin' pulled over and asked by the police'Bama wasn't made for a nigga to win
See the color of ya skin get 'cha put in the pen
It's real life, over dice, Dwayne dead and gone
Sendin' niggas to the pen or the funeral homeI be feelin' like the Lord'll never answer me back
So I'm holdin' on my gat just in case they attack
Bullet holes in ya house'll make it hard to sleep
Ya see the fiends on the street want the hard for cheap