Swollen Members - Jacques Cousteau

Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language:

I hope you're not trying to tell me and my man about rap music, I really hope you're not
Cause let's get something straight right now(Madchild, cowards don't really want a part of me
I roll with a venomous squad of all veterans
You'd rather kiss a rattlesnake than to step to me)
Yeah, I'm the little fuckin' hulk, I don't fear giants
Leave em catatonic in a closet like in Weird Science
He doesn't even have his license, Lisa
I spit the nicest ether, eatin' all these rappers like a slice of pizza
I spit typhoons, conjure up hurricanes
Little Monster wreckage warnin', get yourself insurance claims
I blow the roof off of group homes with two poems
Killin' all of you clones
Metal teeth, I chew bones
Clip you like a coupon
Grip you like a talon, hear Mad scream, supreme too
Listening to Balance and Bad Dreams
From broke to making mad cream
I'm fuckin' dope again, wide open from a bad scene
Used to be a nightmare on diamond street
But now I'm right there, a white terror, a rhyming beast
I got a cracked tooth, lookin' like I'm wack proof Sportin' a beard and a tooth like I'm Jack Cousteau