The Trews - Stray

Love is an awkward rhyme
Spoken poorly all the time
Needing that one perfect line
To have it all make sense
And it hard to understand
You're doing everything you can
To see a format or a plan
But you get lost in your own pretense
And hours seem like days
After confessions and praise
When inhibition stays along
With thoughts of consequence
In a fit of inspiration
And too much information
With no hesitation
To get it off your chest
Here I am and as always you
As things start to settle
Talk to me on the level
You're a victim and a rebel
No matter what you wear
You had your soliloquy
And now you feel guilty
Now you feel silly
Real moments are so unfair
Here I am and as always you
Some days are meant to be
This sign from God to finally see
No crucifix starts to bleed
You only got your way
And perspective's creeping in
But it's fickle as the wind
And you're proud of all your sins
And everything you've had to say
And no one's seeing through ya
And you don't care, do ya?
This feeling has immune ya
You simply walk away
Preaching end of evolution
And counter revolution
You feel an absolution
And here you want to say
Here I am and as always you