Waka Flocka Flame - Real Recognize Real

So that's how you feel then my nigga?
Bentleys, two,or three tour busses (Ooohhhoo)
Six , Seven houses type shit.
Oh, I ain't finished yet though (Oohhhoo)
Hold up, I ain't finish yet though!
Not to mention the Ghost....Three years in the game..
Tours an' shit.....Yae Wak!, mount up on these bitch ass nigga's!
Give these my nigga's the business my nigga (Oohhhoo)
You broke nigga's aint countin no paper!
These niggas aint gettin no money!
Nigga get the fuck way from round me partna
Fuck wrong wit chu nigga?
Dusty shoe, second hand, ho-fuckin hand nigga!
Aye I be turnt up!

Aye I be turn up!
I hit hard like I'm Sam Montgomery
Kick game like I'm Brad Wing
Two in the bitch like Elijah Thomas
Eat a rapper, no Jeffery Dahlmer
I'm from Riverdale
Rose Street,just to be exact
Now I'm on the map
Put my hood up
G's Up, B's Up,
Aye Hoe's down
M.O.B , Money over bitches
Kickin game to these pussy nigga's
Don't fuck wit two things, police and snitches
Smart black man
Not real religious